Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Easy Chalkboard Lettering

I am no expert at this whole chalkboard lettering thing... so I came up with an easy way that anyone (even if you have the worst handwriting in the world) can create perfect letting on their chalkboards! Just type up the wording and font that you want, in a word document

After you print them out, rub over the back of the wording with white chalk

Lay out the words on the chalkboard as desired. Then, with the end of a paintbrush or pen, rub over the lettering so that the chalk transfers.

After that is done, go over the lettering and fill any spaces missed with chalk

Wipe away the excess and you're done! I mean seriously, ANYONE can do this!

Now... get to chalking ;)


  1. your blog, it looks beautiful...not to mention your content! What photo editing do you use?
    Thank you for directing me to your blog...I joined in though would like to follow via email and didn't see a link for that.
    I'll be back !

  2. Genius!! Love the mix of fonts and those stars are gorgeous too :)

    Katie x

  3. What a great idea for the transfer. Thanks for the tip!

  4. What a great idea. It looks great! I just found you through Brenda-Cozy Little House and I am your newest follower- xo Diana
    ps. Did you know you have word verification on-that means I have to type in two words to post a comment. A lot of people won't bother to do that so you might want to remove it- Let me know if you need help.....