Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I got this..

It never ceases to fail, every morning that I wake up, how is it that my baby girl seems to grow just a little more?? Every single day is something new at this age & I am loving every second of it. Yesterday (July 23rd) Maddie Grace sat up for the very first time all on her own! She has been trying with some support for the last month or so but has always been pretty wobbly. Well, yesterday as I sat her down on the carpet after her Daddy came home from work, she did it! No help, no support! It was as if she was saying "Watch me Mom, I got this." She spent almost 3 min on her own before slowly falling over

I am so in love with her smile and how she is such a calm and easy baby!

She tends to give the "daddy look" a lot, as she looks nearly identical to him

I can't be thankful enough every day for our little miracle baby.

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  1. What a cutie! Just found your blog, and am enjoying your decorating tips especially! Thanks!


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